Ambleway Thoroughbred Stables

Ambleway Thoroughbred Stables is a boutique breaking, pre-training and spelling farm for thoroughbred racehorses located near Pietermaritzburg in Natal, South Africa. Owned and managed by respected and experienced horse pre-trainer, Jane Trotter, Ambleway has steadily grown from its origins in the 1980’s to become one of South Africa’s leading thoroughbred horse pre-training and spelling facilities.

Supported loyally by leading trainers, breeders and owners in South Africa the farm has been associated with a long list of Champions and Graded Stakes winning horses over the years.

The care of the horses is the primary concern at Ambleway. In providing a sound upbringing and low-stress tuition for the horses Ambleway lays the foundation for the horses’ success on the racetrack and happiness later in life. 

There is a joy in watching the babies that arrive on the farm learn and grow to graduate into horses successful on the racetrack. It is this joy which we have the pleasure to share with our loyal group of owners and experience with them the thrill of horseracing.